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About us About us

Floem is a brainchild of two authors, Milena Jovanovic and Filip Vukosavljevic, born out of a desire to create high-quality Serbian designer furniture with a Scandinavian flair.

Our journey begins in September 2018 with a vision to expand the local furniture manufacturing heritage with a forward-thinking sensibility. Rooted in Scandinavian and Mid-century design, our products celebrate fine craftsmanship, refined lines and the simplicity of the modern aesthetic. With our designs, we aim to provide furniture that resonates with human values and cultivates well being in a property.

A great love of wood lies at the heart of our brand and drives the creation of products that introduce harmony and calm into the space. By giving power to the natural world, we strive to encourage mindfulness and conscious living.

From idea to realization, all our designs tell the story of virtue, dedication and respect for both the environment and the people. Our products are unique pieces with an organic silhouette and a minimalist soul, made to be functional and live long. Our decades-old love of wood has been our main driving force for exploring potentials for creating and innovating our designs. Our goal is to empower you to feel comfortably you in any interior space.

Floem Vision

The idea about our brand has emerged from careful exploration of local market, needs and preferences analysis of furniture users and subsequent conclusions about missing parts. By focusing on furniture design and space in general, we have discovered that the Scandinavian aesthetics is wholeheartedly welcomed.

Both interest and the demand for furniture from this region have been rapidly growing. But despite that, we have also noticed that it rarely comes with signature of local authors. Based on that, we have established that this is the field in which we can and would love to create, giving our contribution in the best way we know.

Scandinavian design has exceeded its territorial boundaries a long time ago and become loved in different corners of the world, bringing its values perfectly aligned with needs of every human. Exactly because of its people-centric approach and focus on basic human needs, this design has become materialisation of universal values, the one we at the same time experience as our own but also all of us and the design we have always know.

Under the auspices of this design, we are all together, regardless our origins.

Therefore, we felt invited and welcomed to take the script hidden in the form of this design and write it in our own, authentic way.

Through our interpretation, Scandinavian design aesthetics comes into dialogue with other influences that inspire us – mid-century heritage and forms of Yugoslavian design classics, but also forms and elements of nature which is another one of our main inspiration sources. We follow the rhythm and the pulse of global market and global tendencies, but also staying loyal to our value system.

Our course has been established from the very beginning by the idea to offer on the local market the furniture inspired by Scandinavian design, manufactured in Serbia from high-quality wood, with highlighted focus on details, insisting on sustainability and idea of usage through generations.

Floem vision is absorbed into our design from the first piece we have made. With our pieces, we would like to evoke associations to peace, harmony and beauty hidden in ordinary things.

The need to create space in which nature – its tranquillity, harmony and unbreakable link to our existence – is embodied into furniture of timeless design and astonishing comfort, is inscribed into the foundation of our design

In the times of fast tempo and rhythm that is becoming more and more complex, we introduce slow rhythm and existence of nature into interiors, with special focus on tactile sensations.

We tent do create with materials that are natural, in order to appropriately complement character of wood and make atmosphere of perfect balance.

Our furniture is intended for individuals and families who have are aware of significance of every moment in their life and every choice they make – the way they spend their time, contents they consume, things they surround themselves with. Our pieces are for lovers of slow-fashion concept and interiors cleared and freed from anything unnecessary to host fulfilled life that takes place within them.

Autor fotografije: Luka Spasojević

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