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About us About us

Floem is a brainchild of two authors, Milena Jovanovic and Filip Vukosavljevic, born out of a desire to create high-quality Serbian designer furniture with a Scandinavian flair.

Our journey begins in September 2018 with a vision to expand the local furniture manufacturing heritage with a forward-thinking sensibility. Rooted in Scandinavian and Mid-century design, our products celebrate fine craftsmanship, refined lines and the simplicity of the modern aesthetic. With our designs, we aim to provide furniture that resonates with human values and cultivates well being in a property.

A great love of wood lies at the heart of our brand and drives the creation of products that introduce harmony and calm into the space. By giving power to the natural world, we strive to encourage mindfulness and conscious living.

From idea to realization, all our designs tell the story of virtue, dedication and respect for both the environment and the people. Our products are unique pieces with an organic silhouette and a minimalist soul, made to be functional and live long. Our decades-old love of wood has been our main driving force for exploring potentials for creating and innovating our designs. Our goal is to empower you to feel comfortably you in any interior space.

Floem Vision

The idea about our brand has emerged from careful exploration of the local market, the needs and preferences of furniture users and subsequent conclusions about the gaps we identified. By focusing on furniture design and space in general, we have discovered that the Scandinavian aesthetics is wholeheartedly welcomed.

There has been a rapid growth of interest and demand for furniture from the Balkans. Nevertheless, we have also noticed that it rarely comes with the signature of local authors. We have therefore identified this field as the one in which we can and would love to create, giving our contribution in the best possible way.

Scandinavian design has crossed its territorial boundaries a long time ago and become loved in different corners of the world, bringing its values into perfect alignment with the needs of every individual. It is because of its people-centric approach and focus on basic human needs that this design has become a materialisation of universal values, the one we experience as our own but at the same time as something collective.

Under the auspices of this design, we are united, regardless of our origins.

Our interpretation is marked by a dialogue between the aesthetics of Scandinavian design and other influences that inspire us, namely, mid-century heritage and forms of Yugoslavian design classics, but also forms and elements of nature, which is another one of our main sources of inspiration.

We follow the rhythm and the pulse of the global market and global tendencies, but also stay loyal to our value system.

From the very beginning,  we have been guided by the idea of offering to the local market the furniture inspired by Scandinavian design, manufactured in Serbia, using high-quality wood, putting special focus on details, sustainability and the idea of it being used by generations to come.

Floem vision has pervaded our design from the very first piece we made. We would like our pieces to evoke sentiments of peace, harmony and beauty hidden in ordinary things.

The foundation of our design rests on the need to create space in which nature – with its tranquillity, harmony and unbreakable link to our existence – is embodied into furniture of timeless design and maximum comfort.

In the fast-paced times that are becoming more and more complex, we strive towards introducing a slower rhythm and natural elements into interiors, putting special focus on tactile sensations.

We tend to work with materials that are natural in order to appropriately complement the character of wood and create an atmosphere of perfect balance.

Our furniture is designed for individuals and families who are aware of the significance of every moment of their life and every choice they make, namely, how they spend their time, the contents they consume, things they surround themselves with. Our pieces are for lovers of the slow-fashion concept and interiors cleared and freed from any excessiveness so as to host a fulfilled life that takes place within them.

Photo by: Luka Spasojević

Floem Philosophy

Our story began spontaneously, as a result of love for wood, design, and the values that we share.

By the end of studying, we were completely immersed in the subject of furniture production, focused on constant research and learning about materials and the production process. Driven by our passion, we decided to make several pieces and offer them to the local public.

From the very beginning, we were guided by a clear idea of the design approach and the values we want to communicate with our pieces. We decided to keep them, regardless of whether our adventure would end right at the beginning or it would grow, develop and motivate us to go further and learn on a daily basis.

Our design is human-centric, focused on a person and their needs. Simplicity helps us to deliberate space, both physical and spiritual, in order to return towards and into oneself, here and now.

Relying on this approach, we find our answers in minimalism, in the broadest sense of the word, and most of all in its forms. We reduce form to the essence, bringing timeless design. The reduction of the form allows the texture of the material to show itself fully.

The refined form supports and embodies our aspiration to create timeless furniture, both in the context of design and quality. We design pieces that will be used for generations and that will last and remain in the space for decades, resisting trends and their constant changes.

This is our way to materialize the idea of universal values and preserve nature and its resources. The rational use of wood by creating pieces that are bought for eternity stands as a counterweight to fast fashion and hyper-consumerism.

We study form as a dialogue of ergonomics and stability, focused on finding that point where we combine our logic with high aesthetic values while keeping awareness of nature conservation.

Rooted in Scandinavian and the golden era of mid-century design, we use the possibilities of new technologies, keeping the focus on details and the manufacturing process.

Every piece, through all of the phases, gets our full attention.

By choosing the type of wood, the color of the fabric, and MDF, our customers can create a unique piece perfectly suited to their own needs. This approach opens the door to a range of possibilities, creating different atmospheres and completely fitting into different interior concepts.

The rhythm and contrast of the natural wood texture, through the forms of timeless design, are becoming our language. We use them to inscribe ideas about universal values that last forever and that show us the way.

We welcome the uninterrupted harmony of nature, which is our favorite source of inspiration. We are learning from its endless logic and constant changes which happen through ages or in the blink of an eye. Nature motivates us to examine with our eyes, hands, and mind.

The creation of spaces in which we physically absorb it, in which we recreate its peace and warmth, softening it for the feeling of belonging is the goal we are striving towards without stopping.

Photo by: Luka Spasojević

A story about wood

If we go back in time, following the long path of the development of human civilization, we will find many examples of wood being used in a variety of ways. The use of wood enabled man to solve challenges that he repeatedly faced in everyday life. Wood was there, within arm’s reach – it challenged and tested logic, and drove man towards constantly growing and breaking his own boundaries, by thinking of new ways of using and processing it. Wood served man on the evolutionary path, it made everyday life easier and promoted constant growth. Both of man and the daily life.

By using wood as a construction material, man managed to separate his own living space from the world around. Subsequently, this space was furnished, made beautiful over time, instead of being a mere necessity.

Wood is this Planet’s blessing.

In Floem, every piece that we design and make celebrates wood, its beauty, and authenticity which uncover themselves in myriads of ways.

Wood is a natural material.

Working with it always brings excitement because wood is an active participant in the process. Subject to processing, wood starts uncovering its face. Its structure leads the way, guiding us on this path.

The growth of trees is determined by natural factors, their anatomy, and chemical composition. At the same time, they are exposed to a variety of influences that can be controlled or uncontrolled.

Every tree, including every element of wood at a later stage, represents a story for itself, which is a result of a mixture of natural and external factors. This means that every tree has its specific color, structure, and texture. Each one is unique.

This delicate process of growing and maturing gives rise to authenticity as one of the greatest values of wood as a material. Imperfections that every tree has teaches us lessons about accepting natural beauty. Not only accepting it but also understanding that this is what’s special, beneficial, and meaningful.

Photo by: Luka Spasojević

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