Savršen spoj minimalizma
i topline drveta

Inspirisan skandinavskim dizajnom

Floem Pocetna Val

Val Oval Dining Table

We have combined innovation, unique design, and creativity to make beautiful pieces of furniture in the new Val collection. Our newest product from this line is a dining table, a masterpiece in the world of furniture design.

Floem Pocetna Lagom

Flow-m Armchair

Flow-m lounge chair and ottoman are a perfect blend of modern technology and mid-century Scandinavian minimalism. The sophisticated design and top-notch quality of this piece of furniture will appeal even to the finest of tastes.

Krzni Sto Floem

Amalgamate Dining Table Round

Nothing brings us together like a shared meal. With our Amalgamate dining table, you’ll be able to carve out a comfy dining nook for up to five people in even the smallest of spaces.