Privacy policy

Privacy policy

PTR Floem Furniture, company registration number: 65886278, TIN 112118991 (hereinafter: Floem) collects and processes personal data while performing its business activities and, doing so, it observes statutory and other regulations in the field of personal data protection. The protection and safety of our buyers, customers and business partners’ personal data are the priority of Floem.

Data privacy

We highly value the protection of personal data privacy of our website and product users. All online activities related to Floem are in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia. Personal data means any data revealing your identity, such as your name and surname, address, phone number, or email. Floem does not collect personal data without your consent. By agreeing to these terms, you give explicit approval and consent to Floem to collect and process your personal data specified in the purchase and sale contract and/or provided for marketing purposes. All personal data that you provide shall be protected and secured and shall not be misused under any circumstances, nor shall it be sold on the market, which guarantees complete security of your cooperation with Floem.

The type of personal data we collect

We collect data which enable us to perform our services, including at least the following: name and surname, delivery address, city, postal code, telephone number, email address, unique personal identification number.

Collection and use of personal data

Floem collects and processes personal data with the aim of concluding and executing purchase and sale contracts for products and services from its offer, meeting statutory and regulatory obligations, and serving its own legitimate business interests.

Our reasons for processing personal data with the aim of concluding purchase and sale contracts and meeting contractual obligations include:

the sale of goods and services; delivery and assembly of the purchased goods; Floem’s sales activities; management and acceptance of appeals and complaints; other statutory obligations arising from Floem’s business activities. You will be asked for consent with any activity that falls beyond this scope.

Personal data protection

Floem takes technical and organisational measures to process your personal data in total accordance with the law and the purpose of personal data collection and processing.

Access to your personal data will be allowed to state and public authorities and third persons solely in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Cookies and web activity tracking

Floem’s website uses cookies to collect data. Cookies are text files that web pages you visit store on your devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) via web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.).

Floem uses cookies to facilitate and improve visitors’ access to web pages and their functionalities. All data/information collected in this manner (cookies) is used for memorizing settings and user activities on these web pages. Consent of the person whose data is subject to processing provides legal grounds for such personal data processing.

Consent is given on our website – by choosing the option – I agree to Floem’s Privacy Policy on and I agree that cookies can be stored on my device.

Data processed based on this consent will be used in accordance with our internal procedures and the protection of data confidentiality. Users can disable “cookies” at any time within their browser settings.

Intellectual property rights

The entire content of Floem’s website (all texts, logos, photos, video material on this website) is protected by copyright or is owned by Floem, or the content is posted on the website with the consent of the owner or authorized holder of intellectual property rights.

Using the content, except as described herein, without a written consent of the content owner is strictly prohibited.

Underage visitors to the website

All underage visitors to the website shall be obliged to obtain their parents or guardians’ consent before providing personal information. Underage users without such consent are not allowed to provide personal information.

Changes to the website privacy policy and terms of use

Floem reserves the right to make changes to the website privacy policy and terms of use at any time.

We kindly ask you to periodically visit this webpage to get informed about the current terms of use.